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recruitment / NZ
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12 Nov 2021
Hiring workers is hard labour
Wairarapa Times-Age
With unemployment at a record low and demand for workers increasing, employers are reporting serious difficulty finding skilled candidates.
9 Nov 2021
Job market tightest seen, HR head says
Otago Daily Times
Dunedin needs to be doing more to attract graduates to stay in the city to help a ‘‘very tight’’ labour market, a human resources executive says.
8 Nov 2021
Chapman Tripp Graduate Recruitment Campaign Rated As One Of The Best
Chapman Tripp is the only law firm recognised by students across New Zealand in the Top 10 Best Graduate Campaign’s for 2021 in a recent Student Pulse Report survey produced by Talent Solutions.
4 Nov 2021
Employers ‘struggling’ with hiring
Otago Daily Times
‘‘The war for talent.’’ That is the phrase Dunedin recruiter Dean Delaney uses to sum up the labour market.
3 Nov 2021
Businesses forced to be more flexible to retain staff
Newstalk ZB
Emma Scott from Tribe Recruitment told Heather du Plessis-Allan there's a "war for talent" as the labour market runs hot.
31 Oct 2021
Mandates and certificates pushing unvaccinated into a corner, as employment opportunities shrink
The number of workers affected by mandatory vaccination policies is set to grow leaving unvaccinated workers with fewer and fewer options, says employment advocate Ashleigh Fechney.
30 Oct 2021
Recruitment with no questions asked 'radical' but has potential - experts
NZ Herald
Hiring with no interviews, CVs, background checks or questions asked. This could be the answer to tackling the Bay of Plenty's chronic labour shortage - at least for some sectors.
26 Oct 2021
Employers need to innovate if they want to attract top talent - recruitment agency
A recruitment agency says now is a great time to look for a job, with jobseekers having the upper-hand.
25 Oct 2021
Top Recruitment Boss Says Now Is The Time To Seek Greener Pastures
Recruitment firm PERSOLKELLY’s 2021 Workforce Insights Report reveals new employment power dynamic – but we’re still not telling the truth to hiring managers.
23 Oct 2021
Employers compete for staff
Oamaru Mail
Labour shortages across the Waitaki district are leading to fierce competition among employers looking for staff.
20 Oct 2021
'Great resignation' coming to NZ: More people ponder quitting their job
About half as many people are committed to sticking with their job this year compared with 2020, a survey shows, amid suggestions that the “great resignation” reported overseas could happen here, too.
19 Oct 2021
Why lockdown will accelerate NZ’s ‘big quit’
NZ’s longest Covid constraints are fast-tracking workers' motivation to quit their jobs, HR consultants warn.
Recruitment company asks applicants to reveal family violence history
A recruitment company’s claim it asked job applicants to declare any history of family violence to help keep them safe at work is “unconvincing at best” and likely to constitute unlawful discrimination, an employment lawyer says.
Silver Fern Farms lifts minimum pay to attract and retain staff
Silver Fern Farms, the country's largest meat processor, has lifted its minimum pay rate by almost 10 per cent to help it recruit and retain staff.
New Zealanders' wages failing to keep up with rate of inflation
With the cost of living skyrocketing and wages failing to keep up, it's never been so expensive to simply exist.
13 Oct 2021
Tauranga job listings up 43 per cent due to Covid
Newstalk ZB
Employers in Tauranga are feeling the Covid pinch. Job listings are up 43 per cent across the board as businesses battle to attract and retain workers.
12 Oct 2021
Group’s aim to help job market
Otago Daily Times
A Dunedin group has been set up to help the "struggling" southern labour market.
11 Oct 2021
Stressed, locked down Auckland workforce ignored in Govt’s Level 3 decision
Wellington-based Government officials have decided Level 3, Step 1 rules on Aucklanders getting together outside applies only to friends and family, not companies worried about increasingly stressed and burnt out staff. At best that's crazy, at worst it's dangerous.